About Us

JJ – Owner & Boss Man

JJ Haws is the founder and owner of Meme-tech. He has no idea how he wound up a screen printer but has been doing it for over 28 years. He met his wife while explaining why the company was named Memetech and is now happily married with two lovely daughters. In his spare time he makes loud noises with analog synthesizers, reads a lot of history and science fiction, and only wears combat boots for some reason. 

Nancy – Consigliere & Ambassador

Nancy Moise Haws is a small business attorney and has pulled a squeegee or two herself for her own line of shirts. 

Garrett – GM & Lead Designer

Garrett is the veteran leading the team both front and back. Bringing the skills in all forms of graphic design, illustration, and print separations, he is the guy with the conductor’s baton. He has a degree in Fine Art and you can see some of his personal work on his instagram.

Eric – Graphic Designer

Eric has over 15 years of experience in screen printing and separations, and a degree in Graphic Design. Eric is the guy who can help you guide you through a quote or order from beginning to end. Eric knows screen printing from the press and the design side of the process. Check out his line of shirts at Magna Alpha

Nate – Wearer of Many Hats

Nate is the one who takes care of stickers, banners, cut vinyl and custom signing. He also handles heat press orders and knows his way around a printing press. He’s been working at Meme-tech for eight years now and started by cleaning screens and doing miscellaneous jobs, now he’s kind of a big deal. Not to mention he is our in house DJ and keeps everyone moving and happy by playing the tunes.

Nick – Screen Printing Jedi

Nick is a human being and does things. Nick has over 13 years of printing experience. He runs the manual press in the shop. Lover of metal, maker of art. He’s the one usually wearing all black.

Tuna – Ink Bender

Tuna is a new addition to our team, but he has years of experience with different types of presses. If you live in Louisville, you probably have a shirt made by this guy. He’s the guy on our automatic press. You can see view his store at inkbender.bigcartel.com

Jeremy – Screen Techie and House Thrasher

Jeremy is a person with a description and rides on pieces of wood with wheels.

Memetech is made of people who want to be here making things for you, and for their own art.