About Us

JJ – Owner and Boss Man

JJ Haws is the founder and owner of Meme-tech, he has no idea how he wound up a screen printer but has been doing it for over 25 years. He met his wife while explaining why the company was named Meme-tech and are now happily married with two lovely daughters. In his spare time he makes loud noises with fancy music equipment and only wears combat boots for some reason. 

Jacob – Lead Printer and Tough Guy

Jacob started by cleaning screens then moved into the design room once he got a degree in graphic design. Now he runs the show from where it counts – at the press. In his spare time he designs and prints shirts for his clothing line The Rails and plays drums in the band YEARS AT SEA.

Garrett – Lead Designer and Hipster

Garrett is the one who answers all the client questions. Chances are if you call or email then he’ll be the one taking care of your order! You are in good hands my friend, he’s kind of awesome. He has a degree in Fine Art and you can see some of his personal work online at www.garsmi.com and www.strangevoid.com.

Brittney – Operations Manager and Shop Mom

Brittney is our Operations Manager and the oil that makes the machine run. She works with both the printers and designers to make sure your order is printed by it’s due date as well as takes care of supply/garment ordering and marketing. You’ll also find her cleaning screens and cutting stickers, whatever it takes to get the job and ensure the client is happy. In her free time she designs, creates and prints her own work. You may know her as MissHappyPink.

Nate – Master of Vinyl

Nate is the one who takes care of stickers, banners, cut vinyl and custom signing. He also handles heat press orders and knows his way around a printing press. He’s been working at Meme-tech for five years now and started by cleaning screens and doing miscellaneous jobs, now he’s kind of a big deal. Not to mention he is our in house DJ and keeps everyone moving and happy by playing the tunes.

Spencer – King of the Print Shop

Spencer is the man behind the manual press and the print assistant on the auto press. He can fill in for almost any position in the shop, not to mention he’s our Fabio…all the ladies love him. He also creates some pretty amazing art work in his free time. Although he doesn’t have a website you can find him at local festivals doing custom spray paint art pieces. He’s easy to find because there is always a crowd.

Memetech is made of people who want to be here making things for you, and for their own art.